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Join Randi’s Book Club!  The goal of this book club is to read one book per month covering personal and business growth topics. Books that inspire and motivate. Books that were written to make our lives better as business women, wives, moms, sisters and humans. We will meet once a month and lunch will be provided.  Randi’s book club is a growth journey and you are invited to come along!  

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Randi wrote this goal setting class specifically for realtors.  The class has some great thought-provoking exercises to help you map your goals and create a personal vision board.  You’ll gain clarity on where you’ve been and where you are going. Join Randi with an open mind and positive thoughts for what you’d like your year to become.  It does not matter if you have created dozens of vision boards in your past or have never created one, this one little morning will set the tone for the rest of the year.  Breakfast and all supplies for the class provided.  Other lenders have tried to imitate the class, so don’t miss out on the original!

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