Why Do Lenders Use Credit Reports?

  • It is the only tool available to see how a person treats credit, so lenders look at the following information:

  • Payment history - is credit paid on time?

  • How many companies issued credit?

  • What kinds of credit? Auto loans, student loans, home loans, credit cards, personal loans, recreational merchandise loans

  • What are available credit limits and debt obligations

  • How long has credit been established?

  • Are there any collections, liens, judgments, government claims, bankruptcies or foreclosures?

  • Are there authorized user accounts? Who pays this bill?

Credit Affects Your Life

  • It can affect where you live

  • It can affect what you drive

  • It can impact the choices available to you for many years to come

Credit Score Calculations


  • Mortgage late payments matter

  • Disputes matter

  • Collections, government claims, judgements and liens matter

  • How old are bankruptcies / foreclosures

  • Do collection amounts exceed the amount allowed for the loan type

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